Mines, Mills & Smelters

Mining today is an international, multi-billion dollar business utilizing modern technologies and best practices for extraction and processing. In Canada alone there are now approximately 800 mining operations producing more than 60 minerals and metals.

Perhaps no other industry operates in as varied geographies and environments as mining. Many of these large multi-site complexes operate in remote territories, 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Utilizing both stationary and mobile heavy equipment, these subsurface and above ground mining operations typically involve a wide range of processing steps: from extraction, conveyance, crushing and grinding to feeding, screening, milling and refining.

Environmental Noise and Vibration Impact

Mines, Mills and Smelters, in most countries, are required to follow stringent environmental practices in order to minimize their impact on both the environment and human health. These codes and regulations require that some form of environmental impact assessment be undertaken prior to development and then often on an on-going basis, once a facility is operational. These regulations also typically call for the development of environmental management plans.

Furthermore, for major mining companies seeking international financing from organizations like the World Bank, assessments designed to enforce good environmental practices are also required as a condition of investment.

Noise Assessments

From an acoustical perspective, these assessments typically evaluate the sound emissions of a mining complex and their sound sources on surrounding noise sensitive receptors. In many cases these sensitive receptors include aboriginal habitats and these assessments are designed to address concerns regarding a mining operation’s noise impact on traditional lands, their communities, the natural environment and wildlife populations.

Engineering know-how and infield experience

HGC Engineering has the engineering know-how and infield experience required to provide comprehensive and cost-effective compliance solutions to the acoustical challenges of leading mining companies. We work directly with international Owner/Operators and their local Project Managers, Engineers, Environmental Coordinators, and Managers of Aboriginal Affairs to address all aspects of noise and vibration regulations and issues pertaining to mining operations.

Safety First

We are also fully-versed and experienced conducting assessments under the strict safety protocols followed at mining sites.

Acoustical Engineering Services Include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Baseline Noise Studies
  • Site Wide Acoustic Assessment Reports (AARs) for Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Site Wide Acoustic Assessments for Environmental Assessments to meet World Bank Noise Guidelines
  • Site Wide Acoustic Assessments for Environmental Assessments to meet Canadian Environmental Assessments Agency Standards
  • Acoustical Audits/Sound Level monitoring during construction or ongoing operations
  • Complaint Investigations
  • Workplace Noise Studies and Surveys
  • Equipment Vibration Mitigation/Isolation
  • Noise Mitigation Support

Case Studies

Ambatovy Nickel and Cobalt Mining Project, Madagascar

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HGC has continued to provide high quality, cost-effective, professional acoustic services for Vale’s numerous facilities in Ontario, including work done at a number of extremely complex facilities (100’s of sources) over the last 2 decades.  All projects were completed on time and on budget, and were successful in providing real solutions to local communities.”

Monika Greenfield, Senior Specialist, Environment Air

Vale Ontario Operations, Sudbury Ontario

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