I Need To Develop Noise & Vibration Standards And Policies

Given the depth of our experience and breadth of our cross-industry know-how, we have been called upon by multiple branches of Government as well as a diverse range of industry associations to advise and help set Standards and Policies related to noise, vibration and acoustics within their areas of concern.

Our clients welcome our ability to provide independent and objective guidance and input especially around high-sensitivity and high-profile concerns that have the attention of the public at large, such as noise issues related to wind farm developments. In this instance, HGC Engineering was retained by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, to prepare a literature review entitled “Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound Associated with Wind Turbine Generation Systems, A Literature Review”. We also authored “Wind Turbines and Sound: Review and Best Practice Guidelines” for the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Most recently Brian Howe, President of HGC Engineering was part of an expert panel brought together by the prestigious Council of Canadian Academies to examine wind turbine noise and human health. The panel subsequently created a report titled: Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise.

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