Wind Power & Renewable Energy

Wind Power & Renewable Energy

Parallel to the growing adoption of renewable energy technologies world-wide — particularly wind turbines, has come greater understanding and scrutiny of noise and health concerns around renewable energy sources. Because of the sensitive nature of these issues, acquiring precise and accurate acoustical data for analysis has never been more in demand or more critical for all concerned.

Pioneers and leaders in wind turbine noise measurements

HGC Engineering is a North American pioneer and leader in the precision measurement and management of noise from wind energy projects , and the power generating equipment associated with solar farms and biogas production facilities. We have conducted project assessments for a growing international customer base that includes locations across Canada, The United States and Central America.

We specialize in helping developers, operators and municipalities address potential sound issues in communities surrounding wind energy projects . Our group has also worked in partnership with Governments and Associations in developing policies and standards for assessing the noise impact of wind turbines and other renewable energy technologies

Next-generation best practices and technologies

HGC Engineering is engaged in ongoing research into ever more sophisticated measurement and monitoring techniques. As leaders in this area, we feel it’s our responsibility and obligation to be uncovering and trail blazing next-generation best practices and technologies well ahead of their adoption as a standard. As a result, we continue to research and develop alternative techniques primarily for low frequency, infrasound measurements and amplitude modulation.

Internationally recognized authority on wind turbines and sound

Brian Howe, President of HGC Engineering is an internationally recognized authority on wind turbine noise. He is the current chair of the Canadian Standards Committee on Acoustic Noise Measurement of Wind Turbines. He researched and developed “Wind Turbines and Sound: Review and Best Practice Guidelines” for the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA). This guide is used extensively by leading industry developers and operators. Mr. Howe also authored a report commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment: Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound Associated With Wind Turbine Generator Systems: A Literature Review. Most recently he was part of an expert panel brought together by the prestigious Council of Canadian Academies to examine wind turbine noise and human health. The panel subsequently created a report titled: Understanding the Evidence: Wind Turbine Noise

Acoustical Engineering Services Include:

  • Acoustic audits of wind energy projects (Immission Audit)
  • Expert testimony
  • Sound Power Level Measurements -IEC 61400-11 (Emission Audit)
  • Noise assessments for environmental Approvals
  • Infrasound measurement and monitoring
  • Measurements of tonality & amplitude modulation
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Noise mitigation support
  • Research and Development in noise measurements & monitoring techniques
  • Peer reviewing environmental noise studies prepared by others
  • Policy Development for Municipalities, Government Departments and Industry Associations
  • Research Reports for Municipalities, Government Departments and Industry Associations

Case Studies

Upland Prairie Wind Farm IEC Sound testing in accordance with 61400-11

English Farms & Upland Prairie Wind Farms, Iowa

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