Transportation & Traffic Sources

From the roar of jet engines overhead; to the deep rumbles of rail below ground and at street level; to the cacophony of rush hour traffic moving across roads and bridges, transportation routes represent significant sources of noise and vibration.

As communities grow ever more intertwined and in ever closer proximity to major transit corridors, these sources of environmental pollutants have increased their potential to impact community comfort and health. Aware of these concerns, government at all levels have taken a more active interest in these environmental noise and vibration issues, setting tough compliance standards to ensure community well-being.

Environmental Noise and Vibration Experts

HGC Engineering works with planners, developers and transportation authorities to address regulatory requirements by pursuing research and development, conducting road, rail and air traffic impact studies, developing traffic noise predictive models and designing mitigation solutions that facilitate the approval process and help maintain good community relations. We have conducted hundreds of environmental noise and vibration studies on road, rail, tunnel and bridge traffic adjacent to residential neighbourhoods, hi-rise condominiums and commercial developments, including determination of specific abatement measures required to ensure compatibility.


In-depth Knowledge of Regulatory Guidelines

We have a comprehensive familiarity with the noise and vibration guidelines of Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) railways, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), and the US Federal Highways Administration, being daily involved with their practical application. And closer to home we have good professional relationships with CN, CP, GEXR, SOR, Trillium Rail, Go Transit and Rail Link personnel developed over time as we have worked to resolve transportation related noise and vibration issues.


Comprehensive Traffic Noise and Vibration Mitigation Solutions

Our noise and vibration mitigation solutions include the design of highway and railway noise barriers such as berms and fences. We have also isolated buildings, rooms and sensitive equipment from the effects of rail vibrations in Canada, the United States and in the UK. Furthermore, we have undertaken environmental assessments of airport traffic, conducted road surface tests to investigate possible highway noise reduction strategies, and we are currently researching and authoring a report on railway vibration reduction strategies for the Railway Association of Canada.


Transportation Related Noise & Vibration Sources Assessed and Mitigated:

  • Road Traffic Noise – Highways, Regional Roads, Intersections, Road Widenings, Haul Routes
  • Railway Noise & Vibration – Trains, Subways, Light Rail (LRTs) and Streetcars/Trams
  • Aircraft/Helicopter Noise – Airports, Hospital Landing Pads
  • Bridge/Tunnel Noise & Vibration: Road & Railway
  • Race Track Noise – Race Cars, Horses, Motor Bikes, Go Karts
  • Bus Terminals/Train Stations
  • Maintenance Yards: Bus Depots/Garages, Rail Yards

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Blue Water Bridge Linking Ontario with Michigan

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Staff at BCX have been working collaboratively with HGC for nearly 15 years.  HGC’s superior quality work and prompt response time make them our No.1 choice for noise consulting services.”

Bridget Mills, Principal/Senior Environmental Engineer

BCX Environmental Consulting

HGC has been great to work with on environmental approval projects.  They fully understand the requirements of the regulatory approval agency and have assisted our clients both by providing quality acoustic assessment reports, and when necessary, developing practical solutions for noise excesses.”

Lena Perry, Process/Environmental Specialist

HSP Engineering and Environmental

HGC Engineering represents professionalism and expertise at its finest. We know we can depend on them for quality work, every time.”

Marnie Freer, Principal

Lehder Environmental Services Ltd.

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