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As a leader in our acoustical discipline and a value-added partner to our customers we provide customized education and training seminars to keep colleagues, associations, government and academia up-to date on changing noise and vibration regulations as well as acoustical related developments on the horizon that could impact our clients’ operations or future developments. As one measure of our commitment to education and training, one of the principals of HGC Engineering is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture and lectures frequently at Dalhousie University’s School of Architecture.

Industry Focused Noise Conferences

We can also custom design basic primers on noise, vibration and acoustics or provide overviews of regulations pertaining to noise and vibration issues in your market area, and at your location as your needs require.

For example, we recently facilitated a full-day conference on noise in conjunction with The Air and Waste Management Association, Ontario Section (AWMA-OS) looking at changes in regulatory policies and guidelines on noise in Ontario and featuring ten presentations by leading noise control practitioners and respected experts in sound and vibration.

Technical presentations included an overview of new Ministry of Environment draft noise guidelines, issues revolving around environmental sound to the outdoors, the advent of site-wide noise assessments and multi-site approvals, as well as the growing prominence of approvals for renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power generation. There was also discussions about indoor noise in the workplace, updated allowable exposure limits and the way that daily average noise exposure is to be calculated.


Noise 101 Workshops

For conference attendees unfamiliar with the basic terminology and science of sound and vibration, an early bird NOISE 101 workshop was also held covering acoustical fundamentals, and setting a context for many of the presentations at the Noise Conference. The workshop explained in plain English essential concepts such as: how sound and vibration are measured, what are decibels [dB] and A-weighted decibels [dB] and why are they used, principles of sound propagation outdoors and indoors, typical methods of noise and vibration control.


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Free 4-part Webinar Series on Workplace Noise runs until November 24th

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HGC has contributed knowledge, skills and experience to the education of young architects at Waterloo for two decades and made repeated contributions of technical expertise to institutions in the local area. Both the generosity and ability as teachers are extraordinary.”

Rick Haldenby, O'Donovan Director

University of Waterloo, School of Architecture

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