Vibration Isolation & Control of Equipment and Machinery

HGC Engineering has worked with hundreds of clients to design structures to isolate sensitive equipment such as scanning electron microscopes, magnetic resonance imaging machines. coordinate measuring machines and surgical support equipment for hospitals, research centres, academia and manufacturing. We have also developed vibration isolation solutions incorporating isolating pads and tuned mass dampers to support industrial applications like heavy equipment in mines, power plants and steel mills as well as HVAC, Mechanical and Power Systems in buildings.

In addition to using state of the art instrumentation to measure and assess noise and vibration on-site, HGC Engineering is also particularly strong in dynamic analysis and the design of vibration isolation systems. We bring this strength to bear to control the structural vibration levels impacting any sensitive instrumentation or personnel within a building or facility.

Case Studies

Vibration Impact FEA Finite Element Analysis

Université de Sherbrooke Research Laboratory, Quebéc

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