Building Noise and Vibration Control

HGC Engineering has been a member of design teams for hundreds of high rise residential, commercial and mixed use buildings across Canada, the northern US and the Middle East. We feel confident in advising on any acoustical or vibration issue facing builders and designers of condominiums, office towers or hotels. We are registered design professionals under Ontario Bill 124.

Typically, these issues include noise and vibration control related to:

  • Acoustical privacy between suites (STC Testing, IIC Testing)
  • Amenity space (pool equipment, gym equipment, bowling allies, movie theatres, party rooms)
  • Mechanical room equipment and distribution systems(ducting, piping, pumps, boilers)
  • HVAC equipment (air handlers, chillers, cooling towers)
  • Elevator shaft and machine room noise control
  • Electrical systems (emergency generators, transformers)
  • Ancillary equipment (garbage compactors)

In the design phase of projects, we identify cost-effective solutions to noise and vibration caused by mechanical systems. We recommend appropriate construction methods and materials to control both noise and vibration to meet or exceed building code requirements.

HGC Engineering is able to identify problems in existing buildings and offer solutions to structure borne vibration and noise difficulties from the issues identified above. Sound and vibration measurement plays a major role in trouble-shooting and HGC Engineering has extensive expertise and capabilities in applying measurement data to solve these issues.

HGC Engineering also offers Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) testing in accordance with ASTM or ISO standards to verify compliance of constructions with design targets

Case Studies

L.R. Wilson Hall for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, McMaster University

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I first used HGC expertise some 17 years ago to solve a very tricky problem with commercial exhaust fan noise on a hotel project. HGC’s solution was so effective in reducing the fan noise level that it quelled all complaints from neighbors. Since that time I have used HGC expertise on a variety of Independent School projects with the primary emphasis on sound attenuation within the buildings and help with theatre acoustics. They are consummate professionals.”

Les Andrew, Principal

Andrew Incorporated Architect

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