Whole Building Vibration Analysis and Isolation

A major challenge for the development of lands near subways or surface railways is overcoming ground-borne vibration, which can be transmitted through the structural system which can annoy occupants and over time cause structural damage.

One solution employed by HGC Engineering is the use of isolation pads in conjunction with a large sub-grade damping mass, effectively providing two footings, each isolated from the other with the system tuned to the anticipated frequency range impacting the building. Projects have included the design of vibration isolation for entire buildings near rail lines in Toronto and Chicago.

As an example the CBC Broadcast Centre rests on over 3,000 rubber pads to ensure isolation from ground-borne vibration. HGC Engineering staff designed the isolation system for the entire building to protect sensitive interior studios and recording spaces from rail traffic and a future subway line.

HGC Engineering uses finite element analysis techniques in conjunction with physical testing, where needed, in order to tune the design, and ensure that the vibration isolation efficiency is greatest where it is needed most.

Case Studies

Fulton Station Condominium, Chicago, Illinois

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High-rise Residences Chicago

The Residences at RiverBend, Chicago, Illinois

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