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The challenges associated with Noise, Vibration and Acoustics cut across a wide range of businesses, industries, institutions and environments. Each of these market categories carries unique acoustical-related regulations, standards and metrics, that in turn require individualized solution approaches.

Understanding Each Market’s Unique Acoustical Engineering Needs

It is imperative that your acoustical engineering partner be knowledgeable and able to work their way around the unique set of minefields and pitfalls that often accompany different market sector concerns.

Some industrial categories, for example, are almost entirely driven by compliance requirements. In these instances, understanding the environmental regulatory regime is as important as understanding the technical assessment and mitigation issues involved. For other areas, like building and construction, the acceptable criteria with regards to Noise, Vibration and Acoustics can be open to interpretation and be based on subjective concepts such as quality, comfort, privacy, and luxury, and therefore a nuanced understanding of the market’s good standard practices and expectations is invaluable.

In-depth Acoustical Engineering Know-how & Experience

There are few acoustical engineering consultants in North America that can match HGC Engineering’s depth of understanding and experience across the wide spectrum of market applications challenges called on by customers worldwide. At HGC Engineering, we put at your disposal an unrivalled team of creative and professional acousticians, drawn from multiple engineering and technical disciplines, who possess market specific know-how and experience in Noise, Vibration and Acoustics.

Harnessing this cross-disciplinary, cross-market talent and expertise means there likely isn’t an acoustical engineering related application challenge our team hasn’t already encountered or isn’t capable of solving. The results for you? We can hit the ground running and deliver on your needs quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

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