Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution

Visit any typical manufacturing or distribution facility and you’ll likely find a large number of concentrated and complex noise sources operating in discordant harmony both under and over an operation’s roof.

High heating and cooling needs in production as well as specialty chemical and gas requirements means that cooling towers, make-up air and exhaust fans, boilers and chillers, pumps and piping are ubiquitous in a modern manufacturing and logistics facility.

From raw material processing and production to conveying, packaging and shipping: Every stage of manufacturing or fulfillment not only contributes to the overall productivity and profitability of a plant they can also actively contribute to excesses in noise and vibration levels. The consequences? Heath and safety concerns for workers, equipment failure issues, contraventions of regulatory compliance and potential environmental impacts on nearby noise and vibration sensitive residential communities.

HGC Engineering understands manufacturing and distribution operations and their acoustical, noise and vibration ramifications. We have worked with industry leaders in support of their environmental applications and permitting for new plant developments and expansions, offering both vibration and noise assessment and mitigation know-how as well as expert testimony during municipal board hearings. Furthermore, we have addressed occupational noise exposure concerns and investigated and resolved unexpected or premature equipment failures caused by damaging vibration dynamics.

We are also experts in the vibration isolation of sensitive equipment used in manufacturing such as CMM systems.

Acoustical Engineering Services Include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Baseline Noise Studies
  • Site Wide Acoustic Assessment Report (AAR) for Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Sound Audits/Acoustical noise monitoring during construction
  • Complaint Investigation
  • Occupational Noise Exposure Assessments
  • Equipment Vibration Mitigation/Isolation
  • Noise Mitigation Support
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Case Studies

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HGC Engineering has the experience and technical expertise to identify the most cost-effective noise abatement solutions. Every project that they have consulted on has been successfully completed.”

Jeff Pett, Production Manager

Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

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