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In the context of industry, manufacturing, power generation, mining, and commercial facilities, a noise or vibration assessment is typically needed when a new facility is planned for construction, or an expansion or modification to an existing facility is contemplated. In the broadest terms, there are two key issues that face industry when it comes to sound and vibration – one or both of which need to be considered in an assessment: environmental emissions to neighboring properties offsite, and workplace noise exposure, onsite.

An environmental noise and vibration assessment addresses the issue of potential impact to nearby property owners and occupants. Sound and vibration can be clearly perceptible, and therefore potentially disturbing, at much lower levels than the onset of risk of hearing loss or risk of damage to sensitive buildings. So, the key criterion for preventing “adverse impact” becomes achieving levels of sound and vibration that are not excessively perceptible or are likely to cause disturbance or annoyance to neighbors. Conversely, a workplace noise and vibration assessment is aimed at avoiding health risks to workers by limiting the exposure of noise and vibration to safe levels.

Industrial Noise and Vibration Assessments may be needed to satisfy

  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Project lenders such as the International Finance Corporation (“IFC” of the World Bank Group), the Inter-American Investment Corporation(“IIC” of the Inter-American Development Bank) or other independent financing institutions
  • Internal corporate standards, policies, or best practices
  • Joint health and safety committees

Case Studies

Porto de Sergipe Combined-cycle Power Plant, Brazil

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Not only is HGC one of the most technically astute environmental noise consulting firms in Ontario, but they are also reliable, efficient and genuine.  ORTECH has worked with HGC for 20 years and we continue to be impressed with their technical expertise and professionalism.”

Ciara De Jong, Principal

Ortech Consulting Inc.

HGC Engineering has demonstrated that they are very professional and responsive. They effectively communicate the requirements of noise guidelines and regulations to all levels of staff in a manner that is easily understood. Work scopes are tailored to meet our business needs, whether it is environmental or workplace noise assessments.”

Sarah McQuaig, Sr. Environmental Advisor

Petro-Canada Lubricants

HGC has been great to work with on environmental approval projects.  They fully understand the requirements of the regulatory approval agency and have assisted our clients both by providing quality acoustic assessment reports, and when necessary, developing practical solutions for noise excesses.”

Lena Perry, Process/Environmental Specialist

HSP Engineering and Environmental

HGC has continued to provide high quality, cost-effective, professional acoustic services for Vale’s numerous facilities in Ontario, including work done at a number of extremely complex facilities (100’s of sources) over the last 2 decades.  All projects were completed on time and on budget, and were successful in providing real solutions to local communities.”

Monika Greenfield, Senior Specialist, Environment Air

Vale Ontario Operations, Sudbury Ontario

HGC Engineering has the experience and technical expertise to identify the most cost-effective noise abatement solutions. Every project that they have consulted on has been successfully completed.”

Jeff Pett, Production Manager

Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

Staff at BCX have been working collaboratively with HGC for nearly 15 years.  HGC’s superior quality work and prompt response time make them our No.1 choice for noise consulting services.”

Bridget Mills, Principal/Senior Environmental Engineer

BCX Environmental Consulting

HGC has been a great partner for Lafarge staff. First in navigating the byzantine noise regulations in Ontario but also helping us find practical, cost-effective paths to reach compliance for existing operations amending their Environmental Compliance Approvals, and for new projects.”

Robert Cumming, Environment & Public Affairs Director, Canada - East

Lafarge Canada Inc.

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