Defense and Security

Defense and Security

From the explosive turret firings of TOW missiles; to the aggressive whirring of an ATV on an uneven trail; to the acoustic hailing of an LRAD on a crowded downtown street, Defense and Security related technologies and support systems represent potential occupational noise and vibration hazards, for their military and policing operators, and the public at large.

We work with Federal, Provincial/State and Municipal officials to research and develop, measure and assess noise abatement strategies and solutions that alleviate exposure and safety concerns.

We have also been called upon to investigate noise and vibration issues as well as acoustical privacy concerns impacting police and emergency services facilities and the people and technologies within them.

Case Studies

Missile Defense Defence Noise Occupation Health and Safety

Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) TOW Missile Acoustical Testing

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Noise Impact of Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) Field Testing

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Canadian Military Base Artillery Firing Range: Noise Study & Control 2

Land Force Central Area Training Centre Meaford

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