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Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) TOW Missile Acoustical Testing

Missile Defense Defence Noise Occupation Health and Safety

Location: Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, New Brunswick
Client: General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS)

The Canadian Department of National Defence awarded a $22.85 million CAD contract for LAV III Light Armored Vehicle vehicles to General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada.

General Dynamics Land Systems provides a full spectrum of land and amphibious combat systems, subsystems and components worldwide. The London, Ontario based division is the company’s International Wheeled Vehicles headquarters and provider of Program Management, Engineering, Manufacturing and Support Services to globally fielded fleets.

Under this awarded contract, General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada would manufacture 33 LAV III  TUAs (TOW Under Armour) vehicles equipped with refurbished and upgraded Armoured Launching Turrets. TOW is a Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided anti-tank missile used by the Canadian forces to defeat tanks and armored vehicles. The under armour system allows our forces to track targets and fire the TOW missile from inside the LAV III where they are protected from bullets and shrapnel.
As a condition of purchase, the Department of National Defence required that the vehicles undergo occupational noise exposure testing. As a result GDLS engaged HGC Engineering to conduct comprehensive Interior and Exterior Sound levels measurements of  the LAV III’s TOW Missile Firing events. The testing was conducted at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.


Service Solutions Delivered:

  • Conducted detailed acoustical assessment reports and audits in accordance with Ontario Ministry of the Environment procedures
  • Sound propagation investigation
  • Developed noise management plan


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