Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Despite trends toward renewable energy and “clean tech”, oil and natural gas remain the lifeblood of modern civilization.

Oil and gas infrastructure – from extraction, to refining and processing, to pipeline transmission and distribution – utilizes some of the largest, most powerful, and potentially noisy equipment of any industrial sector. Processes such as hydro-cracking, distillation, isomerization, liquefaction and regasification involve large scale compressors, furnaces, gas-turbines, fan-cooled heat exchangers, and large-scale evaporative cooling systems. The location of these facilities is also constrained by the geography of incoming feedstock or outbound distribution channels, such that this large scale infrastructure often needs to coexist in otherwise quiet environments, close to noise-sensitive communities.

Noise Assessments and Mitigation Solutions

HGC Engineering has worked internationally with owners/operators, on-site environmental/health & safety personnel, constructors, and their consulting engineering teams to provide accurate and cost-efficient, site-wide noise assessments and mitigation solutions for refineries and gas processing/distribution facilities throughout North and Central America and the Caribbean.

Acoustical Engineering Services Include:

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Working with HGC is great – they are reliable, responsive and deliver high quality and practical solutions. HGC has become an invaluable resource for our team and they are a pleasure to work with.”

Heidi Steinberg, Environmental Advisor

Enbridge Gas Inc.

HGC Engineering has demonstrated that they are very professional and responsive. They effectively communicate the requirements of noise guidelines and regulations to all levels of staff in a manner that is easily understood. Work scopes are tailored to meet our business needs, whether it is environmental or workplace noise assessments.”

Sarah McQuaig, Sr. Environmental Advisor

Petro-Canada Lubricants

HGC always provides us with excellent service.  They consistently produce high-quality results on time and on budget.”

Peter Mussio, Manager EHS Compliance

Union Gas Limited

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