Clean Water & Recycling

Clean Water & Recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the watchwords of today’s modern environmentally aware society. Government, Industry, Business and the Community at large have learned to work together where possible to live and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s not only right for the environment and our overall health and well-being, it is also makes good economic sense.

Environmental Solutions in Action

Water and wastewater treatments facilities, recycling operations, and waste management facilities are key allies in the practical efforts to transform this environmental goodwill and sentiment into practical working solutions. These large private and municipally run facilities use multi-stage processes and equipment to convert unpotable water and waste products into resources that can be safely and practically reintroduced back into our lives and the natural environment.

Everything from paper, glass, metals and plastic, to unpotable water are ultimately separated out during large, complex operations that can involve screening, conveying, milling, melting, shredding, pulping, and sterilizing stages.

Environmental Noise Concerns

Due to the size and power of the equipment and systems associated with these facilities, sound levels in and around a facility can exceed regulatory standards, causing environmental noise that can reach into neighboring residential communities and cause potential annoyance and concern.

Acoustic Assessment and Noise Mitigation Know-how

HGC Engineering understands these kind of plant operations and their noise and vibration ramifications. We have worked with industry leaders in support of their applications for new facility developments and expansions, offering both assessment and mitigation know-how as well as expert testimony during municipal board hearings. Furthermore, we have addressed occupational noise exposure concerns and investigated and resolved unexpected or premature equipment failures caused by damaging vibration dynamics.

Acoustical Engineering Services Offered:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Baseline Noise Studies
  • Site Wide Acoustic Assessment Reports (AAR) for Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Multi-Site Noise Assessments for Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Noise Contouring and modelling
  • Sound Audits/Acoustical noise monitoring during construction
  • Complaint Investigation
  • Occupational Noise Exposure Assessments
  • Equipment Vibration Mitigation/Isolation
  • Noise Mitigation Support

Case Studies

Rosarito Desalination Plant, Mexico

Aguas de Rosarito Desalination Plant, Mexico

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GFL Environmental Moose Creek Ontario waste facility

GFL Eastern Ontario Waste Handling Facility

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Corbett Creek Water Pollution Control Plant

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Ontario Water Pollution Control Centre: Certificate of Approval (Air & Noise) 4

Brockville Water Pollution Control Centre (WPCC)

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Not only is HGC one of the most technically astute environmental noise consulting firms in Ontario, but they are also reliable, efficient and genuine.  ORTECH has worked with HGC for 20 years and we continue to be impressed with their technical expertise and professionalism.”

Ciara De Jong, Principal

Ortech Consulting Inc.

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