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Forged in a Demanding Regulatory Environment

From our offices in Toronto, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Montreal, Quebec; and Dallas, Texas, we serve clients around the world to meet their needs in all areas of noise, vibration, and acoustics. Our home Province of Ontario, Canada, has some of the toughest noise regulations in the world, and was one of the first jurisdictions to designate noise officially as a pollutant with the potential to impact community health and well-being. Public expectations are high for quiet environments and good acoustics. For a quarter-century, we have excelled and established leadership in this demanding context, by assessing and providing design solutions to control noise and vibration and to achieve superlative indoor acoustics – allowing our clients to satisfy their stakeholders: clients, regulators, lenders, workers, or communities.


Leveraging Acoustical Consulting Expertise Globally

Over the past decades, increasing global awareness, expectations, and regulations concerning noise, vibration, and acoustics has created ever expanding demand for the expertise we offer, to meet tough sound and vibration challenges. In many places, there is no local acoustical engineering expertise capable of responding to the increasing regulatory requirements for noise, or the growing public expectations for “peace and quiet”and healthy and productive soundscapes indoors and out.

In turn, we have been called upon by a growing international clientele to fulfill the increasing global need for specialized acoustical consulting expertise. To support our efforts to meet this need, we’ve also developed strategic alliances around the globe with firms that offer complementary skill sets in diverse locales such as the Middle East, the United States, Singapore, and Latin America.

Industrial Facility

Technical Focus Means a Greater Wealth of Experience

Throughout our growth, we have chosen to remain highly focused on what we do best – noise, vibration, and acoustics – while ever broadening the economic and industrial sectors we serve. The result is an unmatched depth of acoustical consulting experience and expertise. As you can see from our wealth of case studies, we work everywhere that sound and vibration can be a concern – buildings, factories, performance halls, railways, hospitals, schools, vehicles, power plants, laboratories, to name just a few. Our experience in each one of these sectors bolsters our capabilities synergistically in all the others.


Acoustical Engineering Professionalism To Depend On

As licensed consulting engineers, we do not sell or represent any product other than our expertise. So we are your impartial advisor. As a strictly Business-to-Business consultancy, we understand your operational and regulatory realities, and the way in which the assistance we provide must fit within the wider context of your project. While many of our acoustical engineers hold advanced degrees in the science of sound and vibration, we know that this science is not an end in itself, but a means to the end: a successful and cost-effective project outcome. We are proud that by continually delivering measurable results and exceeding expectations, we have established repeat and long -term relationships with our international base of customers across multiple industries and markets.

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