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Department of Defence All-Terrain Vehicles

Canadian Department of Defence

Location: For Future Use in Locations Worldwide
Client:  Defence Research and Development Canada

Standard all-terrain vehicles are by their nature noisy and can expose both the vehicle’s operators and people/wildlife in the vicinity to unacceptable noise exposure levels.  HGC Engineering was contracted by Defence R&D Canada to research and develop optimized noise control solutions for a fleet of ATVs that are being currently considered for purchase.

DRDC is an agency of the Canadian Department of National Defence  responsible for the scientific and technological needs of the Canadian Forces ensuring they remain scientifically and operationally relevant and are able to respond to Canada’s defence and security priorities, now and in the future.

The key components of our contracted acoustical engineering services to the agency includes baseline noise measurements and analysis;  a noise reduction strategy; and ATV prototyping incorporating active noise mitigation features.

To effectively and efficiently meet our obligations, we partnered with the Automotive Centre for Excellence at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT ACE), for their additional state-of-the-art vehicle testing capabilities.
We are currently conducting the project’s first phase ATV noise baseline tests in the field and at the UOIT ACE Facility, which features an advanced multi-axis shaker table.
We expect to deliver our first solution optimized ATV prototype by Fall 2013.

Acoustical Engineering Service Delivered:

  • Noise Baseline Tests
  • Noise Test And Measurement Studies
  • Acoustical Investigation and Forensics
  • Noise Reduction Strategy
  • Noise Mitigation Design and Prototyping

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