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In some jurisdictions noise and vibration regulations from multiple branches of government can differ and contradict each other, creating confusion and conflict. In other instances determining what constitutes excessive noise is open to wide and flexible interpretation requiring third party objectivity to settle disagreements. From land-use rezoning issues between industries and residential developers, to noise complaints that arise out of the ever closer proximity between businesses and their neighbours in today’s busy and dense urban environment – we have seen it all, and represented all sides in these matters objectively and impartially applying scientific-based evidence along with our our experience and in depth understanding of noise bylaws.

Principals of HGC Engineering are regularly called on to provide expert testimony to municipal boards, and the courts in the area of noise and vibration and how it relates to land development, the Planning Act, the Environmental Protection Act and the Aggregate Resources Act.

Engineers at HGC Engineering also participate in municipal peer review programs reviewing work conducted by other consultants on behalf of municipalities or regulators assisting them in the approvals process.

We have also been called on to conduct thorough acoustical forensic examinations in support of criminal investigations and trials.

We have worked with many leading law firms to develop effective strategies and testimony in dealing with:

  • Official plan amendments and zone changes
  • Aggregate license applications
  • Entertainment venues and theme parks
  • Land use compatibility
  • Noise control in land use planning
  • Criminal Prosecutions

As lawyers who practice in the fields of municipal and land development law, we increasingly deal with the impacts that can arise from the need to intensify and bring sensitive land uses in closer proximity to sources of noise and vibration. The science of noise and vibration is complex and the need for our clients to have advice and guidance from experts in this discipline is frequently necessary. We have had the benefit of working with HGC Engineering on complex matters requiring noise and vibration assessment often in a context with multiple interests at stake. HGC brings a high level of up to date science and knowledge of the regulatory environment.  They show leadership in discussions with clients, make sound assessments and provide clear and bottom-line recommendations.  Our clients have had every confidence in HGC.”

Brian Duxbury, Certified Specialist – Civil Litigation

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