Environmental Noise & Vibration Assessments

Inustrial and residential zones

Increasingly, noise and vibration emitted into the environment are being defined as contaminants by regulators – similar to chemical or particulate pollutants. As an owner, operator or developer of a project with equipment that can produce noise or vibration, you likely have legal responsibilities to obtain permits or approvals before building or operating the equipment.

Equipment Noise and Vibration Impact

Whether you are managing or are planning to develop an industrial operation, a commercial facility, an office building or a multi-unit residential building, you need to consider the potential impact of future operating equipment such as cooling towers, exhaust fans, emergency generators, electrical transformers, process exhausts or truck loading docks, all of which can be a source of noise and vibration.

Obtaining Environmental Noise or Vibration Permits or Approvals

Obtaining a noise or sound permit or approval to operate usually requires preparing an environmental noise and vibration assessment report. In some jurisdictions, this type of study may be called an Acoustic Assessment Report, a Noise and Vibration Study, a Noise Impact Statement. Although the details of a noise and vibration assessment can vary depending on the type of facility in question, and the regulatory jurisdiction, the process always includes the fundamental elements below.

The Fundamentals of Environmental Assessments

  • Jurisdictional Regulatory Noise & Vibration Requirements – We establish the regulatory noise and vibration requirements. These requirements not only include the applicable noise and vibration limits, but also the methods that must be followed in measuring, calculating and evaluating the noise and vibration.The noise limits specified by some regulating authorities – such as the World Bank, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and the Alberta Utilities Commission – are not fixed, but are site specific, and vary depending on the background sound, from road traffic or natural sources.
  • Vibration & Noise Measurements – We undertake a variety of specialized noise and vibration measurements. If the facility being assessed is existing, we can measure the sound and vibration of the equipment directly. Typically measurements are conducted close to the equipment, and at any potentially impacted sound/vibration sensitive neighbours, or at the property line.If needed for the purposes of establishing the applicable noise and vibration limits, measurements may be conducted of “baseline” conditions with the facility turned off, or prior to construction of the facility.
  • Predictive Computer Modeling of Noise & Vibration – When assessments are required for planned facilities, where it is not possible to measure the sound of the equipment directly, predictive computer modeling of the noise and vibration emissions are required.Manufacturer’s published sound data can be used as input, or we can rely on the wealth of measured sound and vibration data we have on file from past projects involving all types of industrial and commercial equipment and vehicles.
  • Vibration & Noise Control Measures – Once we know the overall levels of noise and vibration produced by the facility – either through measurement, computational prediction, or both – we can assess the emissions with respect to the governing limits.If excesses over the limits are found, we use computational modeling to rank the sources, identify those contributing to the excess, determine the noise or vibration control measures necessary to achieve compliance with the limits, and prepare clear performance specifications for the control measures.
  • Environmental Assessment Reports You Can Understand – Our deliverable is a clear, concise assessment report, written in plain English.Although some regulatory authorities have elaborate content and formatting requirements for noise and vibration assessment reports, we take pride in crafting written reports that can be understood readily by everyone – not just those with specialized knowledge of noise, vibration and acoustics.

HGC has continued to provide high quality, cost-effective, professional acoustic services for Vale’s numerous facilities in Ontario, including work done at a number of extremely complex facilities (100’s of sources) over the last 2 decades.  All projects were completed on time and on budget, and were successful in providing real solutions to local communities.”

Monika Greenfield, Senior Specialist, Environment Air

Vale Ontario Operations, Sudbury Ontario

HGC has been great to work with on environmental approval projects.  They fully understand the requirements of the regulatory approval agency and have assisted our clients both by providing quality acoustic assessment reports, and when necessary, developing practical solutions for noise excesses.”

Lena Perry, Process/Environmental Specialist

HSP Engineering and Environmental

HGC Engineering has demonstrated that they are very professional and responsive. They effectively communicate the requirements of noise guidelines and regulations to all levels of staff in a manner that is easily understood. Work scopes are tailored to meet our business needs, whether it is environmental or workplace noise assessments.”

Sarah McQuaig, Sr. Environmental Advisor

Petro-Canada Lubricants

HGC delivers cost-effective, professional expertise of the highest quality.  They have a practical approach to problem-solving and can be counted on to provide excellent, value-added service.”

John Monczka, Senior Environmental Specialist

Hydro One Networks Inc.

HGC Engineering has the experience and technical expertise to identify the most cost-effective noise abatement solutions. Every project that they have consulted on has been successfully completed.”

Jeff Pett, Production Manager

Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

HGC Engineering represents professionalism and expertise at its finest. We know we can depend on them for quality work, every time.”

Marnie Freer, Principal

Lehder Environmental Services Ltd.

My experience working with HGC has been very professional, with a dependable high-level work product delivered on time and within budget.  I appreciate their flexibility and availability to discuss issues and provide options as part of their consulting process.”

David Savoia,

The Penn Group of Companies

HGC always provides us with excellent service.  They consistently produce high-quality results on time and on budget.”

Peter Mussio, Manager EHS Compliance

Union Gas Limited

HGC has been a great partner for Lafarge staff. First in navigating the byzantine noise regulations in Ontario but also helping us find practical, cost-effective paths to reach compliance for existing operations amending their Environmental Compliance Approvals, and for new projects.”

Robert Cumming, Environment & Public Affairs Director, Canada - East

Lafarge Canada Inc.

Not only is HGC one of the most technically astute environmental noise consulting firms in Ontario, but they are also reliable, efficient and genuine.  ORTECH has worked with HGC for 20 years and we continue to be impressed with their technical expertise and professionalism.”

Ciara De Jong, Principal

Ortech Consulting Inc.

We’ve worked with HGC on a number of projects in the last 15 years and found this firm to be very professional and reliable. I will not hesitate to work with HGC on future projects.”

Andrew Baczynski, Associate

IBI Group

I first used HGC expertise some 17 years ago to solve a very tricky problem with commercial exhaust fan noise on a hotel project. HGC’s solution was so effective in reducing the fan noise level that it quelled all complaints from neighbors. Since that time I have used HGC expertise on a variety of Independent School projects with the primary emphasis on sound attenuation within the buildings and help with theatre acoustics. They are consummate professionals.”

Les Andrew, Principal

Andrew Incorporated Architect

Staff at BCX have been working collaboratively with HGC for nearly 15 years.  HGC’s superior quality work and prompt response time make them our No.1 choice for noise consulting services.”

Bridget Mills, Principal/Senior Environmental Engineer

BCX Environmental Consulting

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