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CBC Broadcast Centre

CBC Broadcast Centre Toronto Canada: Vibration Isolation of a Building

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Owner/Operator: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Architect/Engineers: Bregman + Hamann Architects
Architects: John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson

The Canadian Broadcasting Centre is the broadcast headquarters and master control point for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s English-language television and radioservices. It also contains studios for local and regional French language productions.  Television production is located on the upper floors and radio on the second and third floors. Some of the larger sound stages are rented out to outside movie and television productions.
The building required over 12 years of planning and another four years of construction. HGC Engineering Principals designed the vibration isolation system for the entire building to protect sensitive interior studios and recording spaces from rail traffic and a future subway line. The entire complex rests on over 3,000 rubber pads to ensure isolation from ground-borne vibration. 

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Vibration Isolation of a Building
  • Structural Vibration Assessment
  • Ground-borne Vibration Assessment






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