Case Studies

Fulton Station Condominium, Chicago, Illinois

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Developers: Belgravia Group
Engineers: Samartano & Company
Architects: Bauhs Dring Main (now Main Architecture)

With the scarcity of available land in downtown cores, and the adoption of urban intensification policies by large municipalities, formerly undesirable Industrial areas have been rezoned to allow for residential developments.
This was the case with Fulton Station, a 196-unit building project situated in the Fulton River District of Chicago, immediately next to two major commuter rail tracks and directly over a subway tunnel. This location created a significant ground-borne vibration challenge for the developers of the high-quality condominium.
HGC Engineering was brought in to assess the situation because of our expertise in ground-borne and structural vibration analysis and control.  Finite Element Analysis determined that the rail and subway induced vibration could be mitigated significantly by installing 3-4 inch thick rubber pads in the concrete foundation of the building, essentially isolating the structure from the vibration in the ground.

Acoustical Consulting Services Included:

  • Finite Element Analysis and Measurement
  • Vibration Isolation of a Building
  • Structural Vibration Assessment
  • Ground-borne Vibration Assessment





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