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The Residences at RiverBend, Chicago, Illinois

High-rise Residences Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Engineers: Halvorson and Partners
Architects: DeStefano + Partners, Ltd.(Now LVDA)

HGC Engineering was contracted to design and implement a vibration isolation system for this 38 storey condominium project located at the prominent junction of the Chicago River’s main, north and south branches. The vibration isolation system was required because the project was situated immediately adjacent to a commuter train rail line.
This proximity created a significant ground-borne vibration challenge for the developers of the luxury condominium. Under most typical circumstances, adding resilient anti-vibration pads to the base of the building would have sufficient to isolate the structure from the effects of the rail vibration.
However, due to narrow footprint of the building in this instance, the use of pads would have been problematic. After investigation and analysis, HGC Engineering determined that the best course of action was to lay down a massive concrete inertia block next to the rail lines in order to effectively mitigate ground-borne vibration dynamics on the high-rise.


Acoustical Consulting Services Included:

  • Finite Element Analysis and  Measurement
  • Vibration Isolation of a Building
  • Structural Vibration Assessment
  • Ground-borne Vibration Assessment
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Site Inspections




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