Case Studies

Université de Sherbrooke Research Laboratory, Quebéc

Vibration Impact FEA Finite Element Analysis

Location: Sherbrooke, Quebéc
Owner/Operator: Université de Sherbrooke
Engineer: CIMA
Architect: archdesign

HGC Engineering  was asked to assess the potential vibration impact resulting from the proposed installation of two seismic shakers in the structural research laboratory at the Université de Sherbrooke’s engineering building. It was important to determine whether or not the shakers would impact the operation of a Scanning Electron Microscope installed in the same building.

Analytical calculations and dynamic finite element modeling was undertaken to determine the effects of the shakers’ vibration as transmitted to the limestone bedrock base of the building.

Our Finite Elelement modeling revealed that the vibration acceleration amplitude levels expected to be transmitted by the bedrock to the floor at distances of 15 and 30 m from the shakers would be too high. We therefore concluded that the support of the two shakers would require vibration isolation under the concrete block to minimize the potential disturbance at neighboring sensitive instrumentation. HGC Engineering designed and specified the required solution based on these findings.


Vibration Engineering Consultant Services Included:

  • Finite Element Analysis and Measurement
  • Structural Vibration Assessment
  • Ground-borne Vibration Assessment



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