Case Studies

LanXess Butyl Rubber Plant

LANXESS Petrochemical Plant Sarnia Canada: Machine Failure Vibration Analysis 3

Location: Sarnia, Ontario
Owner/Operator: LanXess Canada

LanXess, a petrochemical company, operates a major synthetic rubber production facility in Sarnia. The site produces 150,000 tons of Butyl Rubber annually for tire manufactures and other uses.

Using sound intensity measurements, HGC Engineering compiled a comprehensive inventory of sound levels for this large and complex operations. The acoustic assessment included evaluation of all existing sources, as well as several proposed new process expansions over the years.

At the same site, HGC Engineering was brought in to investigate excessive vibration of process equipment. Failure of multi-story agitator shafts led to an investigation by HGC Engineering into the dynamic interaction of the motor, gearbox, shaft and supporting structure. HGC developed recommendations to modify the structure to eliminate resonant behaviour.

Additional services examining noise levels in other process areas were also requested, comparing noise in worker areas to the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, were also performed

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