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Winnipeg International Airport

winnipeg canada airport environmental noise study assessment

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Owner/Operator: Winnipeg Airports Authority

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, more commonly known as Winnipeg International Airport is the only international airport within the province of Manitoba. It is the eighth busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic, serving just under 3.4 million passengers, and the 12th busiest airport by aircraft movements.

HGC Engineering conducted extended sound level monitoring and recording over a number of weeks to provide information for correlation with flight path data and aircraft type. The project was conducted as part of the efforts of the airport to ensure appropriate sound levels in the surrounding community.

Service Solutions Delivered:

  • Conducted automated monitoring of sound levels in the community to capture flyover events
  • Correlated sound from flyover events with information about flight paths and aircraft type
  • Identified sound events from unrelated flyovers such as military aircraft from an Air Force base co-located at the airport site


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