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Vale/Inco Nickel Mining & Smelting Complex


Location: Sudbury, Ontario
Owner/Operator: Vale (formerly INCO)

Now owned by Vale, the Inco nickel mining and smelting complex has been a fixture in Sudbury for more than 100 years and is the largest nickel smelting operation in the world. The landmark Superstack at the heart of the complex is the tallest chimney in the Western hemisphere, and the second tallest freestanding chimney in the world.  It is the same height as the Empire State Building.

Site-wide Acoustic Assessment
HGC Engineering undertook a site-wide Acoustic Assessment of the entire Smelter Complex in 2005/6. It involved detailed acoustical measurements of hundreds of sound sources, extended sound level monitoring in the neighbouring community, and noise control evaluation for proposed new additions to the facility.

Detailed Inventory of Sound Sources
We developed a comprehensive inventory of all non-negligible sound sources on-site which involved in excess of six man-weeks on site.  A detailed acoustical model of the site was prepared and was used both to assist in evaluating the overall site-total sound emissions, and to develop a multi-year noise management plan, for approval by the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

Ongoing Noise Management
The first several stages of that plan have been completed, and interim audit measurements have verified that the targeted noise reductions had been achieved. Work by HGC Engineering continues both ongoing noise management at the Smelter, as well as changes and expansions to the various mines and ancillary facilities operated by Vale throughout the Sudbury area.

Service Solutions Delivered:

  • Prepared applications
  • Conducted detailed acoustical assessment reports and audits in accordance with Ontario Ministry of the Environment procedures
  • Specified noise controls
  • Developed noise control plans

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