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Red Lake Gold Mine Complex

red lake Ontario gold mine Mine: Acoustic Assessment Report

Location: Balmertown, Ontario, Canada
Owner/Operator: Goldcorp

Goldcorp retained HGC Engineering to undertake an Acoustic Assessment of the Red Lake Gold Mines facility in Balmertown, Ontario. The complex is the flagship operation of the company and is located in one of the most prolific gold camps in Canada. The facility is comprised of three adjacent mine sites: the Campbell Complex, the Red Lake Complex and the Balmer Complex.  The study was required in support of an application to the Ministry of Environment (“MOE”) for a Combined-Site Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Approval (“ECA”) for the three mining complexes.

 The facility typically operates 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, presently with a maximum ore extraction rate of 1,195,375 tonnes per year. The three mine sites comprising the complex operate as an integrated gold mining, milling and refining operation. General site operations include underground extraction of ore, and above ground crushing, grinding, gravity separation, leaching, carbon in pulp absorption, carbon stripping, regeneration, electrowinning, and refining.
The assessment considered the cumulative sound emissions of the three complexes at the surrounding noise sensitive receptors, and all sound sources associated with the facilities. Sound level measurements were conducted at the facility near each stationary source and at the nearest neighbouring offsite point of reception. The source sound levels were used as input to a predictive acoustical model to quantify the environmental sound emissions of the facilities under a predictable worst case operating scenario. Acoustic assessment criteria were established in accordance with the sound level limits in MOE guideline NPC-205.

Following comprehensive acoustical measurements and analysis a Noise Abatement Action Plan was presented including detailed acoustical performance specifications and a timeline for the implementation of the required noise control measures.

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Conducted detailed Acoustic Assessment Report and audits in accordance with The Ontario Ministry of the Environment Guidelines
  • Specified detailed noise controls
  • Developed noise abatement action plan
  • Follow-up acoustic measurements to confirm performance of noise control measures


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