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Wabush 3 Open Pit Mine Project

Location: Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada
Owner/Operator:  Iron Ore Company of Canada

Wabush 3 Open Pit Mine Project in Labrador will provide iron ore to Iron Ore Company of Canada’s (IOC) existing concentrator plant and will also provide a new source of iron ore to extend the operating life of its Carol Project. The proposed project footprint (464 hectares) is mostly greenfields and is located just outside Labrador City, its twin community. IOC (now part of Rio Tinto) has been operating the Carol Project in Labrador City since the 1960s. The Labrador City Operation produces concentrated iron ore and pellets and transports these by train to the port of Sept-Îles on the Gulf of St. Lawrence and from there to global customers.The current site, including mine pits (operating and closed), tailings and waste rock management areas, concentrator and pellet plant, associated infrastructure, railway lines, conveyors and roads comprise an area of approximately 11,000 hectares.

IOC asked HGC to predict and assess the impact of noise, ground borne vibration and acoustic overpressure from future blasts at the proposed Wabush 3 pit. A noise propagation model for day to day noise impact was prepared based on the topographic information and proposed Wabush 3 layout. We deployed automated sound and vibration monitors at a number of Municipal points of reception and conducted attended measurements of significant noise sources in the existing Luce pit. The results of the measurements were used to calibrate the preliminary acoustical models and to further inform our assessment report. In addition, noise and vibration data from past blasts were reviewed to provide preliminary predictions of future blast noise and vibration impacts.


Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Analysis of blast noise and vibration data
  • Development of sound propagation model
  • Attended and automated sound and vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Ground-borne vibration analysis




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