Group Leaders

Andrew Dobson BSc, INCE Associate, Senior Acoustical Consultant

With an Earth Science degree specializing in mining geology, accreditation from the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, and more than a decade working in acoustics, Andrew is uniquely qualified to head our noise control group serving the mining industry. A major component of Andrew’s expertise is preparing Acoustic Assessments and developing noise control for mining, milling and smelting facilities. Some major projects include the Vale nickel smelter complex and the various Vale mining facilities which supply the smelter, in Sudbury, the Goldcorp Red Lake Gold Mines Complex and Cochenour Mine, and the Primero Black Fox Mine in Timmins. Noise control for mine ventilation systems has been one of his recent areas of innovation and study, and he has recently authored a number of papers and presentations on that topic, in conjunction with industry.

Andrew also works extensively for the electrical power transmission sector, completing predictive Acoustic Assessments, noise impact studies and Acoustic Audits of transformer and power conditioning stations. This work draws upon his expertise in specialty measurement procedures, including sound intensity methods, and following Standards such as ISO 9614-2, IEC 60076-10, IEEE C57.12.90 and CSA‑C88‑M90. Andrew is also expert in the regulatory and permitting requirements for noise, as set out at the Provincial/State level, national/federal requirements, and municipal noise bylaws.

Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE)

Canadian Acoustical Association (CAA)

“Results of the Return Air Raise Silencer System Upgrade at Totten Mine”, 1st Underground Mining Technology Conference, Sudbury, ON, October, 2017

“Planning the Upgrade of the Return Air Raise Silencer System at Totten Mine”, 17th North American Mine Ventilation Symposium, Golden, CO, June, 2017.

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“Acoustic Directivity of Mine Ventilation Systems”, 15th North American Mine Ventilation Symposium, Blacksburg, VA, June, 2015.

“Addressing the Complexities, Limitations and Benefits Involved in Conducting Near-Field Sound Power Measurements of Large Electrical Transformers” INTER-NOISE, 42nd International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering, Innsbruck, AU, September, 2013.

“Occupational Noise Exposure in Nightclubs”, Canadian Acoustical Association, Acoustics Week in Canada, Victoria, BC, September, 2010.

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