Group Leaders

Nick McCabe MESc, PEng Associate, Senior Acoustical Engineer

Nick specializes in two fields: of structural vibration and sound from wind power generation. While Nick’s expertise over the last twenty years includes measuring noise and vibration of all sorts – even developing custom signal processing applications when the occasion demands – he has recently focused on protecting existing buildings from ground-borne construction vibration. In that respect, Nick is a specialist in sophisticated dynamic finite element analysis and operating deflection shape analysis. He has conducted vibration assessments for hundreds of construction sites and, through the years, has collected a large library of measured vibration levels from a wide range of construction techniques and equipment. Recent projects of note include the Couture Condominium and MacDonald Island Park. His expertise in measuring, analyzing and controlling vibration also involves rotating and reciprocating machinery, transportation sources, and human activities – and assessing their impacts on sensitive machinery, structures, and people. Nick is also involved with environmental noise issues, and has considerable expertise pertaining to the noise associated with wind power installations. Nick has undertaken a number of research efforts examining various aspects of wind turbine noise, and has given presentations in the field at international conferences on the subject.

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM)

Canadian Machinery Vibration Association (CMVA)

Canadian Acoustical Association (CAA)

“Low Frequency Noise and Vibration and its Control”, 15th International Meeting on Low Frequency Noise and Vibration and its Control, Stratford upon Avon, UK, May 2012.

“Detection and Quantification of Amplitude Modulation in Wind Turbine Noise” Fourth International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise, Rome, Italy, April, 2011.

“Detection and Quantification of Amplitude Modulation in Wind Turbine Noise Through Envelope Analysis”, Master of Engineering Science Thesis, University of Western Ontario, 2010.

“Recent Developments in Assessment Guidelines for Sound from Wind Power Projects in Ontario, Canada with a Comparison to Acoustic Audit Results”, Third International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise, Aalborg, Denmark, June, 2009.

“Recent Developments in Environmental Assessment Methods for Wind Turbine Noise”,Presented to the Canadian Acoustical Association, October 2008

“Vibration in the Workplace”,Presented to the Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario, October 2004.

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