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Clare R. Copeland Transformer Station

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Architects/Engineers: IBI Group
General ContractorCarillion Canada
Owner/Operator:  Toronto Hydro

At a cost of $195 million, the 144 MVA Clare R. Copeland Station is the first new transformer station built downtown since 1955, relieving the obsolete Windsor Station which currently struggles to meet most of the downtown core’s power demands. The facility is approximately 4 storeys deep, 100 metres long and about 15 metres wide. As the water table in this area is very close to ground level, the facility is built like a concrete ‘sub-marine’, ensuring that it is as water tight as possible. Much of the Station is built under the machine shop of the landmark Roundhouse building that houses the Steam Whistle Brewery and a Leon’s furniture retail store. The machine shop was carefully disassembled brick-by-brick during excavations and was then rebuilt back to its original state and houses the transformer station’s protection, control and station service equipment.

HGC was responsible for construction vibration monitoring during the project with particular attention being given to project’s potential impact on the historic adjacent structure.


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