Group Leaders

Johanne Pal BHRM Corporate Operations & Client Services

As a client of HGC Engineering, you may or may not interact directly with Johanne—but her seamless management of business operations will ensure your experience with us is positive. Having served our clients for the last fifteen years, Johanne knows that high quality engineering consulting is only part of the package. Your transactions with us will also proceed smoothly and with minimal effort on your part. Johanne administers contracts small and large, many of which entail currency exchange and tax procedures, registering with third party procurement organizations, insurance requirements, and documentation for health and safety compliance. In addition to managing customer accounts, she maintains relationships with various vendors, providing day-to-day transaction management and timely accounts payable resolution.

In her role as our HR lead, and as a member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), Johanne handles talent acquisition. She spearheads our interview and job offer processes, and is the main point of contact during onboarding – ensuring compliance with regulations and workplace policies. And to ensure our talented engineers thrive, Johanne has helped to create and maintain an empowering workplace culture here at HGC Engineering. Johanne is an internal auditor for our ISO 17025 accreditation

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