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HGC on Organizing Committee for International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise

Nova Scotia Canada Wind Turbine Farm - Acoustic Noise Monitoring
The International Institute of Noise Control Engineering will be holding the 6th International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise in Glasgow, Scotland, Monday 20th April to Thursday 23rd April 2015.

The conference, held biennially, typically draws nearly hundreds of delegates from close to two dozen countries. The conference is an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to meet together and discuss common problems and solutions related to wind turbine noise. Attendees include manufacturers, developers, researchers, environmentalists, advocacy groups, consultants and exhibitors.

Topics expected to be covered include:

Source noise mechanisms and propagation:

  • Noise generation mechanisms and reduction at source
  • Propagation models and their accuracy
  • Amplitude Modulation – mechanism and solutions


Health issues related to turbines:

  • Sleep disturbance and annoyance
  • Non-acoustic factors in attitudes to wind turbine noise
  • Infrasound and Amplitude Modulation effects


Measurement and testing experience:

  • Specific instrumentation for WTN measurements
  • IEC 61400-11 ed.3
  • Baseline background noise
  • Post completion compliance testing


Two Canadians are on the International Organizing Committee for the coming conference:

President HGC Engineering and Wind Turbine Noise ExpertBrian Howe, President of HGC Engineering

Mr. Howe is pioneer and leader in the assessment of noise from wind power projects. and had been involved with environmental noise assessments, acoustic audits, and complaint investigations for many wind turbine project developers in Canada, the United States, and Central America.

Brian is a regular speaker at the International Wind Turbine Noise Conference, other technical conferences, and at Canadian Wind Energy Association symposia. He is an ongoing contributor to the field of acoustical knowledge — his accomplishments include a best practices guide for CanWEA (2007); methodological consultation for the Noise Guidelines for Wind Farms (2008) and the Ontario Green Energy and Green Economy Act (2009); and a study on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment entitled Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound Associated with Wind Turbine Generation Systems, A Literature Review (2010).

He is also Chair of the CSA Technical Subcommittee on Acoustic Noise Measurements of Wind Turbines and has testified at several Ontario Municipal Board and Environmental Review Tribunal hearings regarding sound and infrasound from wind turbine projects.

David Michaud of Health Canada
David Michaud is the Principal Investigator, for Health Canada’s Wind Turbine Noise Study. He is also a Principal Investigator and Project Manager for Health Canada’s Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau, Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch.
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Call for Conference Papers
Prospective authors are invited to send a 200 to 300-word abstract by 15th November 2014.
There is a template for this on the conference website where you can sign-up, and receive ongoing updates and information.

For more information visit: http://windturbine.eu