Ear to the Ground

HGC Engineering’s Coronavirus Update

loud-noisy neighbours

As you know, the situation with COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. HGC Engineering is currently following the guidance and direction of federal/provincial governments and public health officials with regards to our business practices during this period. Like many of you, we have put systems and processes in place to allow our staff to effectively work remotely from home, when and where possible, until further notice.

With regards to field or site work, only critical, high priority visits will be considered at this time, entirely at the discretion of our field staff. For any site and fieldwork that does take place (in consultation and in agreement with our clients and HGC management), our staff will take precautionary measures as directed and updated by public health officials (e.g. frequent hand washing, “social distancing”, etc.). Our intention and efforts will be to help limit the spread of COVID-19 for the benefit and wellbeing of our employees and our greater community as a whole. We want to do our part to prevent the spread of this contagious and potentially dangerous pathogen. We’d like to thank our clients and suppliers for your continued cooperation and understanding as we all navigate through these challenging times as businesses and as individuals.

As we all continue to hunker down at home with our loved ones in social isolation we’d also like to remind you to be considerate of everyone in your home, in your neighbourhood, in the shops that are still open, and on-site where work may still take us. Please be mindful of those neighbours living in close proximity to you, especially if you live in condos, apartments or townhouses. Noise continues to be one of the most common complaints any of us will receive from our neighbours.

Today, as most of us remain confined to our homes, under trying and uncertain circumstances, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remember your neighbours who may be old, infirm, alone or particularly stressed out during these troubling times, and try to keep your noise down to a minimum.

Better yet, check-in, where practical and safe, to see that your neighbours are doing all right. By looking out for one another and working together, we can and will get through this!

Stay safe and take care.