Ear to the Ground

Season’s Greetings from All of Us at HGC Engineering

HGC Acoustical Consulting Canada Winter wonderland

The entire team at HGC Engineering would like to wish you and those you love a bright and joyous holiday season; and a healthy and happy new year. We hope that you and yours are fairing well, both professionally and personally, during these unprecedented times for us all. We are mindful that this season there are many in our communities who still continue to be challenged by the impact of the pandemic, and so instead of sending out gift baskets and greeting cards as is our norm, we are proud this year to be making significant donations to the two worthy charitable causes featured below:



MyCity Impact increases opportunity and raise funds and awareness for people affected by homelessness in the GTA and beyond. The MyCity technology initiatives aims to enrich countless displaced lives through the power of digital connection. Each displaced person who joins MyCity receives a mobile phone, an email address, learning resources, and access to opportunities—all backed by human support from charity partners.




Project Thrive is an initiative that addresses issues in the city of Calgary with regards to the lack of affordable housing options, depressed economic conditions, and the competition for funding between community organizations, Community donations are used to purchase, renovate, and secure state-of-the-art shelter, transitional and affordable housing units, providing families with the right environment to thrive and step away from experiencing homelessness.



We wish you all the best for 2022 and look forward to continuing our collaborations together in the new year. We are optimistic that 2022 is the year we may finally be able to put COVID-19 concerns behind us in a meaningful way.  In the meantime stay safe and keep well!