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COVID-19 update: We continue to operate in support of essential services

Acoustical Consulting COVID-19 Update

As you are aware, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health & safety of people across the province, the Ontario government has extended emergency orders requiring the temporary closure of non-essential businesses until May 6th, 2020.

We are still quietly going about our business.

As part of the supply chain to critical industry sectors and their related services, HGC Engineering is able to operate in support of essential services in Ontario.

Our branch office in Calgary continues to operate and serve clients as well. Engineers and environmental services are considered to be essential service providers in the Province of Alberta.

The Canadian Federal Government also considers engineering to be among essential services and functions during the COVID-19 crisis.

We continue to provide the same high standard of acoustical engineering services for many industrial, transit, and construction-related projects that are deemed to be essential in their jurisdictions across Canada, the US, and internationally.

Following proper physical distancing and personal hygiene on-site.

As a company we are currently set up to work successfully from home where possible for the wellbeing of our staff, but there are still circumstances where we are called upon to go to project sites. When doing so, in coordination with our clients, we follow proper policies and procedures for physical distancing and personal hygiene.

We will continue to update you as news, regulations and the situation on the ground changes.

Thank you for your continued business, cooperation and understanding during these unique times for us all.

Stay safe and be well