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Rolls Royce Energy Systems, Mount Vernon, Ohio

Rolls Royce Ohio Compressor & Generator Acoustic Testing Vibration Measurements

Location: Mount Vernon, Ohio
Owner/Operator: Rolls-Royce Energy Systems


Rolls-Royce Energy Systems, (now part of Siemens Energy Inc.), produces and supplies pipeline and gas turbine powered compressors and electrical generators for the oil and gas, and energy industries.

HGC Engineering has conducted third-party acoustical testing of numerous turbo-compressor and turbo-generating packages at the Rolls Royce North American headquarters in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The purpose was to confirm that the units meet the client specifications to limit workplace noise exposure. Sound intensity and vibration measurements were performed under ‘maximum rated power conditions’ to determine the sound power radiated from each source, including gas turbines, inlets, exhausts, multi-stage compressors, generators, gearboxes, piping, pinch valves.



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