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Research in Motion R&D Centres

Research in Motion (RIM) Waterloo

Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Owner/Operator: Research in Motion (RIM)
Architects: SRM Architects

RIM is an internationally recognized Canadian multi-national telecommunications company that designs, manufactures and markets wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile and telecommunications market. It is well known for its line of BlackBerry smart phones.

HGC Engineering has offered its services to RIM at many of their buildings, research facilities  and manufacturing plants in the Waterloo area, offering a wide range of acoustical engineering services included the vibration isolation of  ultra-sensitive instrumentation from internal sources and at neighbouring rail lines.


Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Sound transmission testing
  • Rail Pass by Vibration Testing
  • Vibration Isolation of Sensitive Equipment
  • Building Services Noise and Vibration control (HVAC Systems, Generators, etc)
  • Acoustic Assessment for Provincial Approvals
  • Structural Vibration Assessment
  • Anechoic Chamber Qualification Testing
  • Audio Research Facility Design
  • Executive Office Acoustical Design (Privacy)





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