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Raglan Nickel Copper Mine, Québec

raglan Quebec Mining Equipment Vibration Fatigue Analysis & Control

Location: Raglan, Quebec, Canada
Owner/Operator: Glencore (Formerly Falconbridge)

Situated in the Nunavik territory in the far north region of Québec, Canada, Glencore’s Raglan mining property consists of a series of high-grade ore deposits, with nickel and copper as the primary metal. Approximately 85%-90% of the production at Raglan comes from underground sources, with the remainder coming from an open pit.

To address the possibility of structural fatigue due to vibration in the operation of an upgraded screen deck, an investigation into the interaction between the equipment and the building structure was commissioned. HGC Engineering conducted vibration measurements, analysis and prepared a report considering structural fatigue, Occupational Health & Safety, as well as potential failures of affected equipment.

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Conducted in situ vibration measurements on operating ore processing equipment
  • Undertook vibration engineering analysis to develop evaluations and recommendations

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