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R-Town Vertical 6

R-Hauz's first all-wood, mass-timber, six-storey building in Ontario,

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Developer: Assembly (Formerly R-Hauz)
Architect: CMV Architects
Mass Timber Manufacturer: Timber Systems Ltd

R-Town V6 was a 26,000 sq. ft. pilot development project that became Ontario’s first all-wood, mass-timber residential building with multiple units. Located in Leslieville at the corner of Queen Street East and Coxwell Avenue, the R-Town V6 is the first six-story, mixed-use, multi-unit residential building in Ontario that fully employs mass timber as the main structural system.

Mass timber refers to a category of large-scale, engineered wood products typically used as structural elements in building construction. These products are created by bonding together layers of wood to form solid panels, beams, or columns. Mass timber offers several advantages over traditional building materials like concrete and steel, including sustainability, faster construction times, and lighter carbon footprint. It’s also increasingly popular in modern architecture for its aesthetic appeal and versatility.

There are four units of commercial space at street level and 18 residential units in the five stories above, all of which have direct elevator access. The entire building is exclusively powered by electricity, with no natural gas hook-ups. Plumbing and HVAC are also part of the core design, which includes a greywater recycling system.The project’s exposed wood ceilings and added sound insulation provide noise attenuation and humidity control for occupant comfort. The design features passive access to natural light and enhanced fresh air circulation with outdoor terraces for each suite.

HGC was responsible for comprehensive design input to achieve sound transmission (ASTC) compliance of suite-demising separations with respect to Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements.  Suite-demising assemblies and junction details will be separately assessed and, where necessary, modeled to verify the theoretical acoustical performance of both the demising assembly and adjacent constructions.


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