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Pubnico Point Wind Farm

Pubnico Point Nova Scotia Industrial Wind Turbine IWT Noise Assessment 3

Location: Pubnico Point, Nova Scotia, Canada
Owner/Operator: Pubnico Point Wind Farm Inc.

The Pubnico Point Wind Farm, located on the southeast coast of Nova Scotia, includes the operation of seventeen 1.8 MW wind turbine generators. The project has been operating since 2006. HGC Engineering was retained by Natural Resources Canada to assess the environmental noise impact from the Pubnico Point Wind Farm in Nova Scotia. The assessment was conducted to address concerns expressed by a residential neighbour regarding the sound impacting his property, which is adjacent to the wind farm.

There were no specific technical guidelines for assessing the acoustic impact of wind turbine generators on residential properties published by the province of Nova Scotia. Consequently, Natural Resources Canada and HGC Engineering agreed to utilize the noise guidelines of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE). The MOE guidelines describe a comprehensive approach to the assessment of wind turbine generators.

The acoustical measurements and assessment determined that under specific wind conditions the sound levels from the operating wind turbines were significant. Therefore, HGC Engineering developed a staged noise mitigation strategy for the site that increased the level of noise reduction based on the current wind scheme. Following the implementation of the mitigation plan, HGC Engineering conducted additional acoustic measurements to verify the performance of the plan.

As part of the acoustical measurements, HGC Engineering also conducted infrasound measurements to address concerns by the resident, to sound below the threshold of human hearing.

The published report to Natural Resources Canada can be viewed here.

Service Solutions Delivered:

  • Conducted detailed acoustical assessment and audit of the sound emissions of the facility.
  • Developed noise control plan
  • Conducted acoustic audit to verify performance of the noise control measures

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