Case Studies

Barbados Spring Gardens Generating Station

Location: Spring Gardens, Barbados
Owner/Operator: Barbados Light and Power Company Ltd
Vibration Control System Provider:  Gertsen & Olufsen

The Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd. is the sole electric utility in Barbados. The Spring Garden Generating Station,  located on the Western side of the Spring Garden Highway is the company’s main power plant. The stations’ electricity generation system uses oil fired steam units and low speed diesel engines which all use heavy oil.

HGC Engineering was contracted to assess two 30 MW diesel engines that were creating ground-borne and air-borne vibration and infrasound problems that were impacting both on-site and neighbouring occupants. The impact was particularly bothersome in the main control area of  the plant and in an office building and Hotel nearby.

The studies and analysis we conducted indicated that Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD’s) originally installed by the manufacturer of the engines to control the “X” mode vibration were not functioning as intended or with sufficient reliability. It was recommended that the most effective and efficient way to correct the excessive vibration of the engines was to remove the installed  TMDs and replace them with two new powered Gertsen & Olufsen Vibration Compensators installed near the top of the engines.

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Environmental Noise Assessement
  • Structural Vibration Assessment (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Ground-borne Vibration Assessment
  • Vibration Mitigation Design and Specification
  • Vibration Control of Machinery
  • Follow-up Vibration Response Assessment


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