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9 & 11 Church Street Condominium

Parry Sound Condo cross laminated timber CLT Structure

Location: Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
Developer: Eco Development Group
Architects: Kreos Architects FAD Architects
Mass Timber Manufacturer Wood Cape

9 & 11 Church Street is a 20 unit, 5-storey condominium project currently under development. When completed it will be very energy-efficient.  The residential building will be constructed using highest ecological standards including a modern heating system incorporating heat pumps and heated floors, separated forced ventilation with heat recovery system and other eco-minded innovations, making indoor climate healthy and comfortable for unit condo owners. European standard energy efficient windows will help also reduce heat loss. Furthermore, underground parking lots will be equipped with charging stations for EV use.

The building will also feature a cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure, designed to offer a unique interior exposed CLT finish to residents. HGC is responsible for comprehensive design input to achieve sound transmission (ASTC) compliance of suite-demising separations with respect to Ontario Building Code requirements, as well as recommendations regarding sound and vibration isolation of M&E and specialty equipment (e.g., elevator), and sound and vibration transmission from amenity and utility areas. Following the design phase, HGC will provide additional services during the construction phase of the project, which includes a review of shop drawings for equipment, site inspections to review construction progress, and field measurements and testing of suite-demising separations and other equipment in order to provide a Tarion Module 4D Final Clearance Letter.

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