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Northern Motorsports Neighbourhood Event Park

Drag Racing noise Ontario

Location: Bonfield, Ontario, Canada
Owner/Operator: Northern Motorsports Neighbourhood Event Park

Northern Motorsports Neighbourhood Event Park (now Bonfield Event Park) is a racing track and community event park situated on 200 acres of property located at 357 Development Road in Bonfield, Ontario. When the track first opened neighbouring residents complained to the local Township of Bonfield about noise during racing events. A noise impact feasibility study had already been completed by another acoustical consulting group prior to the opening of the facility, which included recommendations for noise control measures (e.g. perimeter berms). The township contracted HGC Engineering to conduct a noise impact study and determine whether the sound levels of the facility complied with the municipal noise limits and the recommendations made by the previous consultants.

Using satellite imagery of the motorsports park and surrounding area, we identified the nearest neighbouring residential properties. One of our engineers visited the motorsports site and surrounding area on a day of scheduled events. Sound level monitors were deployed at three residential properties surrounding the facility, and one at the facility itself. The monitors were set to measure sound levels and to record audio throughout the day. In addition, our staff rotated each monitor to conduct attended measurements and make note of any clearly audible sounds. The monitors were then retrieved, and the measured sound levels analyzed to determine the acoustical impact of the motorsports facility at the neighbouring residences. A report was then prepared to provide an evaluative discussion of the findings including summarizing the measurement methods and results found,


Acoustical Consulting Services Included:

  • Environmental Noise Study
  • Proposal of Noise Mitigation Measures

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