Case Studies

Saudi Aramco Northern Borders Shale Gas Project, Saudi Arabia

Unconventional Gas Collection Station

Location: Turaif, Saudi Arabia
Owner/Operator: Saudi Aramco
Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) : Saudi Arabian Kentz Co. Ltd


HGC Engineering was subcontracted Saudi Arabian Kentz Co. Ltd, to undertake a predictive noise study for a project by the petroleum and natural gas giant Saudi Aramco. The main project involves the development of shale gas located at Turaif, Saudi Arabia. The Northern Arabia Area Unconventional Gas (NAUG) Surface Facilities System-B project is located in the remote Northern Borders desert region of Saudi Arabia.

The study included a baseline noise survey at their four future sites, two of which were under construction while the other two had not yet undergone construction.  The predictive acoustical model was developed based on sound emission levels from manufacturer’s data, and the sound levels were predicted for four different modes of operation. The Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard criteria is 90 dBA for equipment generated noise exposure, and the majority of the site was under this limit. Noise control measures were recommended for the generators, engines and on-site building finishings to meet Saudi Aramco sound limits.

Acoustical engineering services delivered included:

  • Baseline background sound level monitoring at four site locations in Saudi Arabia
  • Predictive acoustical modeling of all equipment at each site – including possible future expansions, all to Saudi Aramco sound limits
  • Recommended noise control recommendations to meet Saudi Aramco sound limits


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