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Metropolitan Bible Church

Church theatre acoustics Noise Control Ontario Canada

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Architects: Parker Architects , Ralph Vandenberg and Wildeboer Architects

HGC Engineering was contracted to address the challenges of constructing a church under the flight path of the Ottawa International Airport and to provide excellent interior acoustics for a large and active congregation in a 69,000 sq.ft. complex that includes a 1200 seat auditorium,  a 150 seat  lecture theatre, and a double gymnasium.

Acoustical Consulting Services Included:

  • Environmental Noise and Vibration Study
  • Acoustic Assessment and Design Optimization of Major Gathering Spaces (sanctuary, gymnasiums and lecture theatre)
  • Building Services Noise and Vibration control (HVAC Systems, etc)
  • Acoustical Privacy Between studies, offices, meeting rooms etc.
  • Noise and Vibration Control of Common Spaces



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