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Melancthon II Wind Power Project

Ontario Industrial Wind Turbines IWTs Noise Study & Measurements

Location: Melancthon Township,  Ontario.
Owner/Operator: TransAlta

The Melancthon Wind facility is Ontario’s first utility-scale Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) facility, located near Shelburne, Ontario. The project consists of 133 industrial wind turbines producing nearly 200 MW of power. HGC Engineering was retained by TransAlta (formerly Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.) to perform an acoustic audit of the Melancthon Wind facility.

Acoustic measurements were conducted at a number of residents throughout the wind farm area to determine the sound emissions from the facility under varying wind conditions. At the time of the audit The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) did not have audit guidelines specific to wind plants.  Consequently, the audit was based on the general environmental noise guidelines of the MOE, HGC Engineering’s experience auditing wind turbine noise and international guidelines and best practices.

Additionally, HGC Engineering conducted seasonal audits of the transformer station for the Melancthon Wind facility to address concerns from local residents and approval requirements from the MOE.

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Conducted detailed acoustical assessment and audit


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