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McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm Project

Conducted detailed acoustical assessment and acoustical audits of 24

Location: Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Owner/Operator: Northland Power 

McLean’s Mountain is a 2,000-hectare wind farm project on beautiful Manitoulin Island developed by Northland Power on First Nation’s land. The project includes 24, 2.5 MW GE wind turbines with a nameplate capacity of 60 MW. We were contracted to complete two Acoustical Audits of the project, once during the spring and once during the fall. This project includes the use of three, 10 meter anemometer stations, which can be remotely monitored/downloaded via cell modem, enabling HGC acoustical engineers to fine tune requested shutdown periods and the duration of the monitoring campaign. Detailed Acoustic Audit reports were prepared.

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

  • Conducted detailed acoustical audit of Wind Farm
  • Conducted detailed acoustical audit of Transformer Station


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