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Labatt Brewery

Labatt Brewery Ontario

Location: London, Ontario
Owner/Operator: Labatt Brewing Company

Labatt Brewing Company  is the largest brewer in Canada and was founded in 1847 in London, Ontario. Today is is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. It still brews beer in the same location of its founding more than 150 after John Kinder Labatt started the company. Currently, the London, Ontario facility produces 720,000,000 botlles of beer annually.

HGC Engineering undertook an acoustical audit of the facility to verify the performance of previously installed noise control measures. Further work was then undertaken to allow for operation of fluid coolers at night while still meeting the applicable noise guidelines, and to allow the addition of new coolers for a process expansion. Sound intensity techniques were used to obtain precision measurements of the source sound power levels of several large evaporative fluid coolers and their integral noise control measures.

Service Solutions Delivered:

  • Prepared application
  • Conducted detailed acoustical assessment reports and audits in accordance with Ontario Ministry of the Environment procedures
  • Specified noise controls
  • Developed noise control plan


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