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Greenfield Energy Centre


Location: Courtright, Ontario
Owner/Operator:  Greenfield Energy Centre LP

Greenfield Energy Centre (“GEC”) is a natural gas-fired combined cycle electricity generating facility with an OPA contracted capacity of 1,005.0 MW built in the Sarnia area. Major equipment consists of three combustion turbines, three heat recovery steam generators which include Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for controlling nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions, and one steam turbine.

In addition to the predictive Acoustic Assessment completed in 2005 to support environmental approvals in advance of construction, HGC Engineering has been assisting GEC in maintaining low levels of environmental sound emissions over time.

Acoustical Engineering Services Included:

      • Conducted detailed predictive acoustical assessment in accordance with Ontario Ministry of the Environment procedures
      • Undertook acoustical performance verification measurements during commissioning
      • Prepared updated acoustical assessment, based on individual source measurements on site, following commissioning
      • Assisted in specifying replacement noise control measures as the original components wear out
      • Assessed contemplated upgrades and expansions to the facility

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